Mind & Memory Power Seminar




Mind & Memory Power Seminar

Mode of Seminar

English or Hindi or As per demand

Seminar Description


In the seminar mind and memory related problems will be discussed which are developing these days in people. Discussions on how to improve memory instantly through different kinds of mind and memory techniques and scientific methods.


Also information on Brain, Thoughts of Mind and day to day problems will be revealed and discussed in from of videos and slides through projector.

Who can attend the Seminar?


School students above 10 years of age.


Students preparing for various competitive exams like IIT-JEE, Medical, CAT, SAT, GMAT, ICS, TOEFL etc.


Professional and Businessmen.


Anybody in general interested in improving memory and serious about his/her dreams, life and wants to improve his/her performance.

Where to attend Seminar?


1.      You can invite us and book a seminar for your school/ college/ institute/ organization etc. We will conduct seminar in your premises. (Book Seminar at least for 100 people)

            You will need to arrange for following things :-

·         A place for people to sit.

·         Sound system

·         White board with maker/black board with  chalks or projector if possible to display videos and slides

·         People will need to bring note copy and pen to write down important points and matter in the workshop.


2.      You can attend this seminar at our training centres.


3.      Book 2 hours online and attend this seminar directly by our trainer (Fees: - 1000 rupees or 25 dollars). Fees is almost 10 times because you will get it personally.


4.      We organise seminars in different cities throughout the year so keep yourself update on it through Latest Activity Section of the website.


Seminar Duration

1 hour

Seminar Material

Memory Enhancement Book and other material

Seminar  Fees

Rs 150/- per person. Inclusive of all taxes.