i-Mind Healing Sessions



Course Name

i-Mind Healing Sessions

Mode of Course

English/Hindi. As per demand

Course Description


You might be having some idea about healing courses or you can simply figure out just by reading the word “healing” twice in mind and you can easily make by pondering on this world for two minutes. The very simple meaning is to heal self from anything which is holding us back to progress in life with the help of a capable person who know the truth of mind which is dominated by senses or either dominates the senses.


The various methods will be used to heal during the sessions  and few are given below:-

Sound Healing

Touch Healing

Energy Healing

Colour Healing


Course Duration

7 days ( 30 minutes to 1 hour daily)

Course Material

IMHS Book, Notes.

Course Fees

Rs 10,000/- per person, inclusive of all taxes.

Where to attend?

At our centres

For more details, email us at brainprints@live.com.