i-Mind Power Meditation Course



Course Name

i-Mind Power Meditation Course

Mode of Course

English or Hindi or As per demand

Course Description


In today’s time power of meditation is being realized by all. As we know that meditation helps in developing ability to focus and concentrate on those things which we want to achieve and do. Our course will help you to achieve them. In the sessions of this course various secrets of meditation will be revealed in front of you and some unique methods will be taught. Different power point presentations will be shown and through them real connection between Brain and Meditation will be taught. There will be practical sessions of mediation also.

Course Duration

7 days ( 1 hour daily)

Course Material

Notes, Book i-Mind Power Meditation, Electronic Gadget

Course Fees

Rs – 3000/- per person. Inclusive of all taxes.

Where you can attend this course?


1.      You can invite us and book this course for your school/ college/ institute/ organization etc. We will conduct this course in your premises. (Book Course at least for  30 people)

      You will need to arrange for following things :-

·         A place with chairs for people to sit.

·         Sound system

·         White board with maker/black board with  chalks or projector if possible to display videos and slides

·         People will need to bring note copy and pen to write down important points and matter in the workshop.


2.      You can attend this course at our training centers.


3.      We organise this course in different cities throughout the year so keep yourself update on it through Main page of our website.



Boarding Lodging Expenses Rs 500/- per day, inclusive of all taxes.

Note: Outstation candidates have to bring appropriate clothing for 7 days,