Law of attraction - Secret of Success



Course Name

Law of attraction - Secret of Success

Mode of Course

English or Hindi or As per demand

Course Description


“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles and then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”



What is this Law? Why do I need it? How it is related to mind?


There might me some question or curiosity arousing in your mind. If you think this course can help you, you are right. If you think, this course can’t help, again you are right. Why? Because you know things work in life because of your belief system. This course will help you to master your thoughts by learning the power of attraction/ linking/ association. Once you learn it properly you can achieve the basics/necessities for you thus leading a peaceful and happy life.


Course Duration

3 Days ( 1 to 2 hours daily)

Course Material

LOASOS Book, Notes

Course Fees

Rs 3000/- per person, inclusive of all taxes.

Where you can attend this course?


1.      You can invite us and book this course for your school/ college/ institute/ organization etc. We will conduct this course in your premises. (Book Course at least for  30 people)


·         You will need to arrange for following things :-

·         A place with chairs for people to sit.

·         Sound system

·         White board with maker/black board with  chalks or projector if possible to display videos and slides

·         People will need to bring note copy and pen to write down important points and matter in the workshop.


2.      You can attend this course at our training centres.


3.      We organise this course in different cities throughout the year so keep yourself update on it through seminar section of the website.


Can I do this course online?


Yes, You can do this course online also.


Fees of Online Course

Rs 10,000 or $ 200 per person, inclusive of all taxes. Online fees is high because it will be given personally to you by our trainer.

How to attend/book this course?                

Send us an email at, we will send you details and procedure