Be a Mind & Memory Master Training



Training Name

Be a  Mind & Memory Master Training

Mode of Training

English or Hindi or As per demand

Training Description


Theory is simple that whenever we buy any vehicle, gadget etc. First of all we take training that how they work? How to use them? How to take care of them? For example:-When you purchased a bicycle, you learnt to ride it and took suggestions from other on how to keep it in good condition. Same way when you had computer, you learnt typing, basics of operating system etc.


But it is not so fortunate in the case of brain. We have brain and we use it but never take any training and try to know how it works? , What are those things which can improve its efficiency? , How to learn, memorise things/information. What is the correct way?


This training is one of its own kind which will transform you into a human being of high calibre.

Training Duration

21 Days ( Morning to Evening)

Training Material

Memory Kit ( Memory Enhancement Books, 3D and Electronic Gadgets, Posters, Notes etc.

Training Fees

Rs 40,000/- per person, inclusive of all taxes.


Where the training will be conducted?


At our special training centres in Gurgaon, Lucknow, Sikar, and Jaipur.


You will need to stay for 21 days


You can reach to above cities by self-transport, bus, train, air etc.


Our representative will guide, pick and drop you from bus/railway station, airport etc. to our centre.



When the course is conducted?


Round the year but mostly during summer/winter vacations or on special demand.

How to attend/book this course?                


Send us an email at, we will send you details and procedure