Kumar Ravi Shankar

About Kumar Ravi Shankar

Kumar Ravi Shankar is a counsellor, healer, mind & memory trainer and social worker. He is an international memory record holder in Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of Records for fastest memory. He has been awarded title “Memory Master of India” by National Book of Honour and he has received numerous awards & certifications from many foundations and organizations. He was awarded by former President Dr. A.P.J.Kalam for his achievements in memory records.

He is the Founder & CEO of Brain Prints which conducts different online/offline counselling, healing sessions, trainings & courses on universally popular subject of “Mind & Memory Power Development”. He has delivered his lectures, seminars trainings, courses, guidance, counselling and healing sessions in many schools, colleges, and organizations of the different cities of India. His highly acclaimed sessions have benefited thousands of students, professionals and business person so far. He is author of three books on “Mind & Memory Power Development” under the names “Introduction to Brain & Memory, Memory Secrets and Memory & Mind” and has invented few gadgets to enhance and develop Mind & Memory Power at its highest level.

He has obtained numerous certificate courses focused in Psychology, Parapsychology and post-graduation in Psychology from different national & international organizations & universities respectively (Rajasthan University, IGNOU, UAS). His ambition is to unfold the mysteries hidden and related to Mind & Memory, Psychology and Parapsychology and he is doing research on these highly interesting topics with people in the respective field from last 7 years.