About Us

Brain Prints

Foundation of Brain Prints was laid in 2007, an institution for all round development of enthusiasts by developing their mind and memory power to the highest level as per the demand of present times. Initial years of its team headed by Kumar Ravi Shankar were spent on doing research and development on brain and memory power.

In our R& D section we did case studies and tried to find out what is all going in society about dealing their problems regarding learning, memorising or to enhance their present capability of learning new things/information. We were surprised to see the results that only handful of people were aware about the pros-cons of their learning and memorising ability. Almost more than 90% reported the issue that they are not sharp enough to learn and memorise new things/information now as they used to do earlier. Only few of them knew how to deal with this problem but without any concrete knowledge. When they were asked that whether they would like to do a course or get some counseling or personal guidance to overcome that problem or to enhance their present power of learning/memorising things/information, all of them were agreed to do so.

Seeing this we came with the idea and then this institution Brain Prints that in today’s time keeping brain fittest and memory sharpest is the utmost demand of the present times. We at our institution cater the needs of people and provide them different courses and guidance programmes through our well qualified and experienced faculties.

Seminars and workshops are also conducted in schools/colleges/organizations etc. where ever we are called for. For more details you can contact us.